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For over 20 years GCommerce has been driving automated eCommerce fulfillment in the vehicle aftermarket. Our electronic message network (EDI) is the largest in the industry. Our supply chain visibility solutions makes use of the network to locate and order hard-to-find parts in seconds for drop shipment.

Our eCommerce Fulfillment platform turns your shipping management lane into an eCommerce superhighway. And our product data management services means your brand story is the best it can be.

…Because GCommerce Can Drive Your Digital Strategy.

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Aftermarket eCommerce will be over $35 billion in 2022 including web stores and marketplaces. GCommerce moves data and supports transactions up and down the entire supply chain with the use of automated eCommerce fulfillment.


What Do People Say About GCommerce?

“Integrating the GCommerce VIC (Virtual Inventory Cloud) application with our Federated Link catalog puts supplier inventory on the screen for our Federated parts professionals, giving them the ability to close the sale. When the part is not available in our supply chain, through VIC, sourcing the part from the vendor is easy with a few clicks. Supplier inventory visibility, combined with uncomplicated ordering and shipment tracking, helps everyone sell more parts. The integration of VIC with our POS and WMS enables us to 3-Way Match the order with the ASN and invoice, which is a big help to our AP department. As a member of Federated, we consistently rely on GCommerce for innovation and reliability.”

Herb Godschalk President, Fisher Auto Parts

“GCommerce has been a valued and reliable partner to Standard Motor Products for many years. Their Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) solution powers thousands of special order/drop ship transactions monthly through a single method incorporating the industry standards, Internet Parts Ordering (IPO) and Super Spec. The VIC program is especially valuable for trading partners that choose not to invest in IPO solutions directly. GCommerce’s leadership on standards, through Auto Care, has been very helpful to the industry at large. GCommerce enables SMP to increase our sales and add more customer connections without the need for further IT development”

Ray Nicholas Standard Motor Products, Vice President and CIO

“GCommerce has been a technology solution provider to the shareholders of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance since 2008. As a past recipient of the Alliance Outstanding Technology Partner award, we count on GCommerce to provide innovative, integrated, end-to-end connectivity and supply chain visibility solutions, including EDI, Fulfillment Master and the Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC). If you need an innovative and collaborative partner, GCommerce should be on your list”

Dale Hopkins VP and Chief Information Officer, Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance

“Given our focus on bringing hundreds of new products to the aftermarket every month, automation of drop ship/special order processes with our customers is critical. Dorman has integrated fully with G-Commerce’s Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) for drop ship/special order processing with great success. Using this platform, our customers and their customers have benefited from full access to Dorman’s vast product inventory especially for new and hard to find parts, resulting in increased sales for both Dorman and our customers."

Donna Long Dorman Products, CIO

    Automated eCommerce Fulfillment, A Complete Digital Solution!

    Full Supply Chain Visibility for Manufacturers, Warehouses, Distributors, Marketplaces, and Online Stores. Save Time, Money, and Resources with Our Full Suite of Automated eCommerce Fulfillment Software.

    Your Digital Strategy Begins with GCommerce

    Hover over the image below to see how GCommerce helps manufacturers, distributors and marketplaces (.com) integrate their supply chains, show inventory, transfer data and transmit orders to complete the full automated eCommerce experience.

    For Distributors and Manufacturers

    “Infinite aisles” become a reality when distributors and manufacturers take advantage of GCommerce’s network for real-time inventory levels.

    For Distributors and Marketplaces (.com)

    Venn Diagram of Automotive Marketplaces and Distributors Shared Supply Chain Interests

    GCommerce gives you best-in-class service levels with real-time inventory levels and instant drop ship orders and confirmations.

    For Manufacturers and Marketplaces (.com).

    Venn Diagram of Automotive Manufacturers and Marketplaces Shared Supply Chain Interests

    Incorrect descriptions or outdated product data are a thing of the past with GCommerce’s real-time validated product data.

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