As a wholesale distributor, your customers depend on you to provide fast and accurate delivery of a vast inventory assortment.

Automation and electronic document exchange is the only way to prevent the mountain of paper from growing as fast as your business does. On your sell side, you recognize that digital commerce and eCommerce fulfillment are the fastest growing channels of sales in the automotive aftermarket.

EDI, Virtual Inventory, and eCommerce Fulfillment for Distributors

GCommerce is the industry leader in connecting trading partners with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) regardless of the technology, formats and protocols used. Each month millions of transactions are exchanged between thousands of trading partners – electronically, accurately in near real-time. Shouldn’t you be part of the GCommerce messaging network?

When your customers need product that you no longer have in stock, the GCommerce supply chain visibility solution makes it fast and simple to locate factory stock for drop shipment and get accurate pricing and shipping estimates from your suppliers.

With the Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC), you can complete special order drop ship transactions in less time that it takes for a customer service rep to answer the phone.

If your digital strategy includes fulfillment for multiple marketplaces and web sites, then you know the strict performance requirements and technical integrations required to make your shipping lane a profit center. Fulfillment Master from GCommerce is a shipping management and eCommerce Fulfillment solution optimized for the volume and requirements of an automotive fulfillment enterprise.

Add an eCommerce Fulfillment Pillar to your Business

Customers today shop with a “digital first” approach. And Distributors know ecommerce is an important pillar to add to their business, but pause to ask, “How can I get started in ecommerce fulfillment?” and “Can I make money in this competitive channel?” Many of the expenses in a traditional brick and mortar business do not apply to online transactions – such as trucks, drivers, fuel and insurance. In many cases, the shipping costs are billed to the online marketplace. A successful eCommerce business requires Scale (access to a vast assortment of products) and Visibility to the products available from virtual partners, in addition to your stocking inventory.

GCommerce has the EDI and API integrations that allow your eCommerce business to grow, without growing your IT costs. And our eCommerce fulfillment solutions integrate with your business system to ensure accuracy and speed while your fulfillment package count grows. Fulfillment Master can power your eCommerce business as it grows into an important pillar of your business.

A Unified Shipping Management Solution

Large-scale eCommerce fulfillment and shipping management involves multiple business system integrations and extensive IT resources which are rather expensive and will decrease your profitability. Fulfillment Master provides the necessary EDI and API connectivity with leading eCommerce marketplaces and eTailers. The built-in integrations with popular carriers and shipping methods allow you to focus on managing your business while Fulfillment Master manages connectivity and shipping automation. You will save money and time with Fulfillment Master.

An intuitive, easy-to-learn interface will have your staff at full productivity faster.

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