Manufacturers and Brand Owners in the automotive aftermarket rely on their distribution partners to support inventory assortments close to the point of demand anywhere in the country. GCommerce provides technology solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers and their trading partners to stay connected and transacting.

This 11 minute video will provide you with information about eCommerce and how GCommerce Solutions can help you capitalize on the fastest growing segment within the Aftermarket.

Recently, the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) and the Auto Care Association published a joint study, and below are some findings:

  • “Over the last decade, E-commerce sales of automotive parts and accessories grew at a robust CAGR of ~20%”
  • “COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of E-commerce…”
  • “Strong momentum in the channel is anticipated to drive total online sales to ~$50 billion by 2025”
  • “…important for legacy aftermarket players to adapt their market strategy and develop an E-commerce playbook”

The joint report can be accessed instantly on the Auto Care Digital Hub at or on the AASA website at

EDI and API Connectivity for Manufacturers

EDI and API connectivity from GCommerce ensures that data and transactions flow between disparate business systems in near real-time and at minimum cost.

At GCommerce, we convert procurement messages from your customer to your technical specs and communication requirement. With a single pipeline, you connect with hundreds of retailer and distributor customers – simplifying connectivity and reducing costs.

We recognize that all Manufacturers do not have big IT departments. If your trading partners have rigid EDI and connectivity mandates, you want to say “yes” and comply. With Web Gateway from GCommerce you can support fully compliant two-way EDI communications with nothing more than an Internet connection.

The GCommerce supply chain visibility solution was the first to make use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) enables partners to search and order parts for drop ship and special order with accurate freight estimates in seconds, without leaving the customer or point-of-sale.

Offer your supply chain infinite aisles of your complete product line.
Ensure complete brand integrity everywhere on the Internet.

In B2B commerce, rich standards-based product content is essential to your brand’s image online and maximizing sales. PBEPRO from GCommerce is a content management and syndication service for the paint, body and equipment (PBE) products of the refinishing industry.

PBEPRO focuses exclusively on the non-fitment product attributes and regulatory compliance needs of the industry, offering the largest library of PBE content for distribution, retail and eCommerce.

If your digital strategy includes fulfillment for multiple marketplaces and web sites, then you know the strict performance requirements and technical integrations required to make your shipping lane a profit center.  With the Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC), you can complete special order drop ship transactions in less time that it takes for a customer service rep to answer the phone.

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