Manufacturers and Brand Owners in the automotive aftermarket rely on their distribution partners to support inventory assortments close to the point of demand anywhere in the country. GCommerce provides technology solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers and their trading partners to stay connected and transacting.

GCommerce Solutions Drive Digital Commerce for Manufacturers

EDI and API connectivity from GCommerce ensures that data and transactions flow between disparate business systems in near real-time and at minimum cost.

With a single pipeline, you connect with hundreds of retailer and distributor customers – simplifying connectivity and reducing costs.

We recognize that all Manufacturers do not have big IT departments. If your trading partners have rigid EDI and connectivity mandates, you want to say “yes” and comply. With Web Gateway from GCommerce you can support fully compliant two-way EDI communications with nothing more than an Internet connection.

The GCommerce supply chain visibility solution was the first to make use of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) enables partners to search and order parts for drop ship and special order with accurate freight estimates in seconds, without leaving the customer or point-of-sale. You can quote and capture drop ship orders in seconds without answering the phone.

Online customers expect to choose from an infinite assortment of product. eCommerce solutions from GCommerce helps manufacturers and their distribution partners list Infinite Aisles of product in Online channels.

Driving Digital Commerce for Auto Parts Manufacturers

As a decision-maker for an aftermarket supplier you are responsible for making sure your company makes the most of market trends and opportunities

You know ecommerce is the fastest growing channel of sales but often ask “are we getting our share of the pie” and “how do we participate”?

Are you concerned about how to grow your ecommerce footprint without disrupting your current channels of distribution? And are you being asked to drop ship to stores, installers or consumers including custom packing slips and shipping labels?

At GCommerce we have learned that digital commerce doesn’t replace distribution – it requires distribution.

Manufacturer Drop-Shipments made easy

If you don’t currently sell to the Online Retailers or Marketplaces, you may think this does not apply to you.  

However, as a manufacturer you are probably selling to the Distributors who are fulfilling these orders, which is creating more drop-ship orders for your company as the back-up supplier.  Or maybe you are selling to the auto parts retailers, who sell on their own websites.  So, how do you handle drop-ship orders profitably?

With our shipping and fulfillment management solution you will benefit from increased sales and efficiencies, as well as decreased chargebacks, leading to greater profitability. 

Fulfillment Master handles stock orders too; including 1P eCommerce.

Brand Distributed Fulfillment Model...

Offers advantages to the Brand Owner as the Vendor of Record

This 12 minute video will provide you with information about eCommerce and how GCommerce Solutions can help you capitalize on the fastest growing segment within the Aftermarket.  

The Manufacturers / Brand Owners can deploy different eCommerce fulfillment strategies depending on their unique circumstances. If particular products are not widely stocked by distribution across the country, or if consistent nationwide acquisition cost is an important consideration for the marketplace customer, it may be appropriate for the Manufacturer to become the vendor of record.

In this model orders can be routed to distribution when proximity, availability and shipping costs dictate. Other orders, such as kits and low-availability products may be better suited for manufacturer drop shipment.

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