Real-Time Automotive Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Improve Your Conversion Rate and Order Count with Real-Time Inventory Solutions Courtesy of Supply Chain Visibility.

Marketplaces Demand Best in Class Service Levels from Distributors

Fulfilling a high volume of eCommerce orders requires speed and accuracy executed in an automated and repeatable fashion.

GCommerce ecommerce order fulfillment, part of our supply chain visibility solutions, applies automated business rules to shipping rate shopping, box size selection, custom label printing, shipping notification messaging, and much more. With paperless scan to pack technology, shipping accuracy is nearly perfect and the training required for fulfillment personnel is reduced, leaving time to focus on more labor-intensive tasks.

Distributors using the Fulfillment Master platform experience nearly instant and dramatic improvement in their marketplace service levels and performance metrics. Performance penalties are nearly eliminated and sales results increase from delivering Best in Class ecommerce fulfillment service.

Distributors and Manufacturers together can offer “Infinite Aisles”

GCommerce technology enables “Infinite Aisles” with near real-time connectivity and automated supply chain visibility. This means customers can search online, expecting to find all the available products from a brand – not only the products in stock from a distributor.

Distributors offer the advantages of regional proximity to their customers and a wide assortment of manufacturers’ brands. But, because they stock only the more popular and proven-selling SKU’s, they rely on their manufacturers to stock and ship new products and slow-moving, long-tail products upon demand. Distributors and Manufacturers working together can offer the market the complete depth of a Brand’s assortment – the inventory stocked at the distributors’ premises plus the virtual inventory available for drop shipment from the manufacturers.

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GCommerce's Suite of Solutions

Marketplaces turn to Manufacturers for the best product content

GCommerce partners with the leading aftermarket data pools to ensure that marketplaces have access to complete product content directly from the most dependable sources.

The buying experience and satisfaction of an online customer depends on the accuracy of the product content on the screen. Marketplaces prefer to have a direct relationship with the Brand Owners for application fitment information, product attributes and descriptions, images and other digital assets. No one has a greater investment in their brand reputation and equity than the brand owners. Frequent and direct updates of product content deliver a better online experience than pages that rely on screen scraping and manipulated product content that may be out of date or incomplete.

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