EDI Data Mapping Services and Tools

Automated Electronic Messaging, Documents, Invoices, and More

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard electronic format that transmits documents like purchase orders or invoices, replacing paper documents. Automating paper-based transactions saves time and money, prevents errors of manual entry, and is much better for the environment.
GCommerce makes it simple to exchange business documents electronically. This communication service, with the use of Microsoft Azure, allows trading partners to exchange business files, procurement transaction messages, and other important documents in real-time without expensive EDI software or the need for a traditional VAN (Value-Added Network).

Simplified and Faster Implementation

  • GCommerce provides the data mapping, onboarding, training, testing, and support needed to connect any two trading partners even if their platforms, data formats, or communication protocols were previously incompatible.
  • The GCommerce EDI Super Spec simplifies message mapping between platforms and enables new messaging connections to be created in hours instead of days or weeks.

Process and Efficiency Improvement

  • Automate the exchange of purchase orders, shipping notices, and invoices electronically. This will reduce the cost and time required for managing and reconciling these documents. Purchase Orders sent via EDI are entered and available for picking faster and without any data entry errors.
  •  Suppliers who adopt electronic document processes get paid faster and save their customers from a tedious paper reconciliation process.
  •  Employees can focus on more valuable tasks when these processes are automated. 
  • As sales and volume grow, you do not have to hire more staff to manage the document exchange. This adds to your overall productivity and profit.

Quickly Comply With Major Account Mandates

Web Gateway works for large retailers and distributors. Your business can be fully EDI capable with no investment in system integration and a minimal monthly cost based on message volume. As auto parts information updates, your inventory information will update automatically. Price changes, auto parts number changes, inventory changes, and more.

Be EDI-Capable With Your Customers

Large national retailers and distributors may insist that their suppliers communicate with them the same way. Having EDI connectivity already may set you apart from your competition.Web Gateway from GCommerce will receive an EDI purchase order from your customer and convert it to a readable format for upload to your order entry system. This is all automated, leaving your team free to complete higher-value tasks. Web Gateway acknowledges receipt of the order in an EDI message. Then it prepopulates the Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) and Invoice so you can post the exceptions and send the documents in the EDI format required by the buyer. 

Manage Procurement Documents Online

Faster Order to Cash Cycles

Export Approved Invoices to Your Payables System

Track How Well Your Vendors Perform

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