Automatic Product Detail Updates

Ensure Your Products Always Have the Most Up-To-Date Details, Pricing, Specs, Fitment and More Across All Client Websites.

PBEPRO - Automatic Updates to Details, Fitment, Specs, Etc.

PBEPRO has been the industry leader in product content for paint, body, and equipment for over a decade. It supports the collision repair industry by providing product information to PBE distributors and body shops in multiple digital formats. The service has grown from web-based line cards, to live PIES data that feeds directly to your business systems. Having a feed that provides automatic product updates saves time and money. It is the perfect non-application product catalog to complement any automotive sales business.

The PBEPRO service is a keystone product in our overall automotive supply chain solutions.​

PBEPRO Helps Suppliers Comply with Standards and Sell More Product

Product Content Leadership

Distributors get a centralized source for all paint, body, and equipment product content

You can watch the above video on how PBEPRO works along other videos on the GCommerce VIMEO channel.

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