What GCommerce Does and How We Do It

More About What GCommerce Does

In seconds, Virtual Inventory Cloud quotes availability, handling fees, the cost of multiple shipping methods and ship confirmation – all while the parts professional remain connected to the customer. With VIC integrated with leading automotive POS systems, there is no need to leave the invoicing screen to locate the part and capture the sale in seconds.

Consumers and automotive service professionals have turned to ecommerce as a faster and more convenient way to locate parts from an infinite inventory any time of day or night. eCommerce fulfillment solutions from GCommerce drive digital commerce from brands to marketplaces and .Coms through distributors and streamlined auto parts drop shipping connectivity.

Fulfillment Master integrates with the ERP system with simple flat files and includes EDI and API integrations to leading etailers and marketplaces out-of-the box. Order fulfillment processes are standardized into a single workflow with bar code scanning, custom shipping labels, automated geo-vending, box selection and shipping method selection based on business rules.

online ordering process diagram

How Does GCommerce Do What We Do?

Without an automated supply chain visibility solution, suppliers require customer service representatives (CSR’s) to respond to special order inquiries and orders. Manual order processing is limited to standard business hours and is often too slow to satisfy the customer.

  • An automated system makes you money 24/7. Automated special-order processing can capture sales around the clock and be integrated into eCommerce sales channels.
  • Instantly create a proven sales history. Capturing sales for products that are not in distribution stock creates proven sales history on new product introductions as well as long tail items that distributors may choose to add to their stocking assortment.
  • Nearly eliminate charge backs and penalties. eCommerce order fulfillment requires speed and accuracy. Fulfillment Master users nearly eliminate the charge-backs and penalties that large marketplaces and etailers assess for slow or missing tracking numbers, acknowledgements, improper labeling and other shipping errors.
  • Auto parts drop shipping for all. Fulfillment master automation of business rules increases the volume of packages per labor hour by 300% and reduces the training requirement for the shipping lane because all customer requirements and shipping methods follow the same process.