Increase Auto Parts Sales Through Marketplace Integration

Don’t Limit Your Inventory to Your Stock

With the GCommerce Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) integrated with Fulfillment Master, distributors and brand owners can capture more sales by listing all the products available through the entire supply chain. When a product is temporarily out of stock in the local distribution network, orders can be routed to the manufacturer/supplier for drop-ship fulfillment. Purchase orders, order acknowledgments, shipping notices, and invoices are automatically created and routed to the appropriate business systems.
See this short (5 minute) presentation to learn how the integration of VIC with Fulfillment Master can change your eCommerce fulfillment game plan.

Whether you are a Brand Owner / Supplier, a Fulfillment Distributor, or an eCommerce Retailer, there is a model to capture additional sales in the major marketplaces.

eCommerce is the fastest-growing channel of sales in the automotive aftermarket. And whether you choose to sell through leading marketplaces or fulfill for popular dot com retailers, you need to understand how to get started efficiently, how to succeed financially, and what it takes to connect the systems for the largest return on your investment. GCommerce has solutions that can address your need for supply chain visibility. In eCommerce fulfillment the more products you have available, the more you can sell and distribute. Automation and systems integrations are also critical to keeping costs low, allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks, and enabling your auto parts distribution center and manufacturing business to scale and grow.

With an eCommerce sales channel, distributors can test new products before adding them to their stock inventory. Higher sales volume of all products will justify stocking additional SKUs to sell to other channels, such as wholesalers, retailers, and fleets.

marketplace graph - Amazom, eBay, and Walmart

GCommerce is an approved Solution Provider to Walmart Marketplace Sellers. If you offer a differentiated product assortment and can deliver customer satisfaction at scale to the 110 million unique monthly visitors to, GCommerce can help.

Brand Owners are seeing tremendous growth in eCommerce, and are asking “Are we getting our share of the pie?” and “how can we best manage our brand online?” GCommerce has the connections and the experience with leading marketplace sellers to help guide brand owners through their strategic decisions.

Our latest video poses the questions you are likely thinking about and suggests possible alternatives.

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