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Electronic Messaging

GCommerce operates the largest Communications Network in the industry

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Low-cost and real time Expand/Colapse

GCommerce provides communication services for the exchange of business documents in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This allows trading partners to exchange procurement transaction messages in near real time without expensive EDI software or the need for a traditional VAN

Simplified and faster implementation

  • GCommerce provides the data mapping, onboarding, training, testing and support needed to connect any two trading partners regardless of their technology platform, data format or communication protocol.
  • The GCommerce EDI Super Spec simplifies message mapping and enables new messaging connections to be created in hours instead of days or week
EDI Service

Process and Efficiency Improvement

  • When businesses exchange purchase orders, shipping notices and invoices electronically, automation can reduce the cost and time required for managing and reconciling these documents significantly.
  • Resources can be redeployed to more valuable tasks with a higher ROI.
  • And as the business volume grows the staff size to manage document exchange doesn’t have to – adding to productivity and profit

Quickly Comply With Major Account Mandates Expand/Colapse

WebGateway satisfies a business requirement of large retailers and distributors. Your business can be fully EDI capable with no investment in system integration and a minimal monthly cost based on message volume

Be EDI-capable with your customers

·         Large national retailers and distributors may insist that all of their suppliers communicate with them the same way, whether they have EDI capability or not
·         Web Gateway from GCommerce will receive an EDI purchase order from your customer and convert it to a readable format for upload to your order entry system
·         Web Gateway will acknowledge receipt of the order in an EDI message and prepopulate the Advance Shipping Notice (ASN) and Invoice so you can post the exceptions and send the documents in the EDI format required by the buyer


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Faster Order to Cash Cycles

  • Web Gateway reduces manual data entry and the possibility of introducing errors
  • Orders are received faster by way of electronic messages and shipments are converted to cash faster with electronic ship notices and invoices

Receive Orders and Approve Payment by Exception Expand/Colapse

3-Way Match makes use of the electronic documents that are returned by suppliers to perform reconciliation based on exceptions – eliminating paper from the process

Manage Procurement Documents Digitally

  • The distribution business produces mountains of procurement documents – Purchase Orders, Shipping Notices and Invoices
  • Without an automated 3-way match process, resources are needed to ensure that you received what was ordered and pay for only what was received
  • 3-Way Match from GCommerce receives the electronic documents sent by your EDI suppliers and performs the reconciliation automatically based on your rules and tolerances
  • Simply review the exceptions and approve the reconciled transactions for payment – saving valuable staff time and improving productivity

Export Approved Invoices to Your Payables System

  • Approved invoices can be exported by vendor or date range for upload to your accounts payable system
  • Eliminate data entry errors in posting payable transactions

Track Vendor Fill Performance Automatically

  • 3-Way Match tracks vendor order fill performance by measuring items shipped as a percentage of the quantity ordered
  • Underperforming vendors can be immediately identified and out-of-stock inventory can be sourced from alternative vendors
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