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The distribution business is hard. The procurement and transaction processes produce mountains of documents that are time-consuming and expensive to manage

You know automation is the key to handling your business documents more efficiently, but connecting to all of your trading partners requires lots of IT resources, time and money. If only there was someone you could call who understands your business and knows how to increase your sales and lower your costs with connectivity – that someone is GCommerce.

We understand distribution and we have products that easily get you connected with your trading partners and help you sell more through increased visibility to your distribution chain.

The GCommerce Internet Data Exchange uses Cloud technology to exchange procurement documents between trading partners in near real-time, regardless of the format or protocol. Now you can affordably comply with trading partner mandates, eliminate the mountain of paper documents and focus on growing your business.

The GCommerce Virtual Inventory Cloud is a special order solution that provides price and availability to all of the items available from your supplier. You can say “yes” to your customer more often with VIC connecting you to factory stock for hard-to-find products.

You know that rich product content is essential to growing your online business and search results. The GCommerce Cloud Commerce platform integrates robust product content with a proven transaction engine. The resulting visibility and analytics help drive your business growth.

Aren’t you glad you found GCommerce? Automated document exchange, real-time special orders and rich product content – all from someone who understands your business.

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