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The Transformative Effect of EDI

“ASN's have become one of the most important documents in our supply chain...
In the days of old we would … spend an hour reconciling the shipping [papers] and it could then be scanned to the shelf.  Times this by 50 shipments a day. With today's ASN's we load the packing slip electronically against the PO and it is reconciled in about 5 seconds!! This means stock can go immediately from the dock to ‘putaway’.  Not only does this save time but we have re-purposed all of those paper reconcile people to other jobs and improved our over-all warehouse efficiency.” Shelly Hook, Corporate Director Inventory Control, Autowares Group

The Impact of Special Order Automation

“Previously, placing special orders was very stressful. Depending on each vendor, our employees have to either call or order through the vendors’ web portals. For each transaction, in order to gather enough inventory information, we normally made about 7 calls, totaling 30-40 minutes. Now, our sales employees only need to log into the VIC portal to check our suppliers’ real time inventory. They can then place orders right on site. The whole process takes about 30 seconds or less,” says Jim Mulligan, President of Moog Louisville Warehouse.

The Power of VIC

“Our special orders are up 20% over the 2nd quarter and 38% over same period last year. I surveyed the stores and all of them commented that we need to continue to add vendors to VIC because it makes the process is so much easier, and allows them to close the sale in seconds without multiple phone calls.” 

Order Automation is an Absolute Must

“The pace of business at our stores makes having all of our Vendors on VIC an absolute must.  Our customers will not wait for our counter people to make multiple phone calls or go to the vendor’s website to find out if or where a part is available.  VIC allows our front line people to see if a part is available and place the order….all within in seconds!  VIC participation will be a requirement for our vendors”

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