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Web Gateway


Web Gateway enables EDI with nothing more than Internet access

Web Gateway is a simple and flexible solution which allows you to comply with the electronic document exchange requirements of your customer at low cost. Web Gateway enables your company to be EDI capable with nothing more than Internet access.

You receive an email notifying you of a Purchase Order, and a link to the website. You log in, and the PO and return documents (ASN and Invoice) are there together. The return documents (ASNs and invoices) are pre-populated with static data (name, address, etc.) and the data from the purchase order (part#, price, etc.) so keypunching is kept to an absolute minimum. From your customers’ perspective you appear like every other electronic trading partner.

  • Web Gateway allows you to comply with trading partner requirements, receive and send electronic documents, as well as support UCC-128 labeling capabilities
  • Web Gateway is easy to work with, providing pre-filled return documents and on-the-fly translation for multiple languages (Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese, Italian)
  • You will save time, produce clearly legible Purchase Orders and save a soft copy for later reference
  • You will eliminate phone calls on order status and improve cash flow with quicker turnaround on invoices
  • With GCommerce Web Gateway, there is no additional staff required, and no software to purchase, install, or maintain. We’ll train you on use of the forms and best practices. It's that easy to satisfy your customer.

View this short demonstration of the powerful features of the Web Gateway


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