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Electronic Document Interchange – or EDI – is how businesses transfer common trade documents like purchase orders, invoices, shipping documents and more.  While EDI eliminates cost from the supply chain, traditional EDI is time-consuming and expensive to set-up and maintain due to the wide variety of business systems, system capabilities, protocols and data requirements. 

Internet Data Exchange (IDE®) from GCommerce is a robust transaction engine, implementation process and trading partner adoption model that takes the time and cost out of connecting with your trading partners.  IDE is a real-time software-as-a-service solution that allows suppliers, distributors, and retailers to benefit from the efficiency of EDI without the expense and disruption to their business.  We facilitate EDI between trading partners with incompatible business systems and document formats.  We work with the Distributor and their System Provider to get a PO out in any type of format. We then send it to the Supplier in their preferred format no matter who is sending it.  We can connect any 2 trading partners and allow each to send and receive documents in their preferred format.  If your Business System will not import a Purchase order we have a Web based product that will make you look fully EDI capable to your customers who want to automate their purchasing.


GCommerce provides a turn-key solution that handles all the details that make implementing EDI so costly and time consuming.  We take care of contacting and educating your trading partners and getting them signed up to connect with you.  We track the status of each connection and report that back to you.  We develop the mapping and translation to and from your trading partner requirements.  We coordinate and validate testing, and we communicate and monitor go-live for each connection.

GCommerce allows trading partners to reduce costs because there is no software to purchase, install and maintain.  IDE® is protocol and format neutral, so trading partners can leverage the investment they currently have in place, not add to it. You are able to connect to all of your trading partners with a single connection to GCommerce in a single format using a single specification. 


Even if you or your trading partners have no EDI capability, GCommerce has web based solutions that provide the EDI functionality that is normally found in ERP systems.  Any business is able to meet their trading partners’ requirements to be EDI capable with GCommerce!

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