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Rich Product Content is the fuel that powers commerce

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TruSKU is a source of rich, standards-based product content for non-application products in automotive, heavy duty, tool and equipment and other industrial categories. TruSKU works with manufacturer suppliers to get the content needed to sell their products to their channel partners in the most efficient way

TruSKU Works for you

  • Resellers who use TruSKU spend less time in data acquisition and management activities
  • Product content in TruSKU is actively managed and updated regularly to ensure that new items are frequently added and obsolete content is retired

TruSKU Makes Your Suppliers Better

  • Suppliers who use TruSKU get scorecards reporting the completeness of their content files and identify missing values
  • Suppliers on TruSKU have access to data management tools in the Product Information Management System (PIMS)
  • TruSKU simplifies data distribution and ensures that updates are available to channel partners in the format that best meets their needs.

TruSKU Champions the Auto Care Standards

  • TruSKU in based on the industry standard, Product Information Exchange Standard (PIES) and ensure consistency and completeness in marketing and logistics data across multiple brands
  • TruSKU allows over the counter brands to speak the same language as traditional automotive hard parts, Truly bringing the industry together
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PBEPRO has been the industry leader for Paint, Body, and Equipment product content for over a decade. PBEPRO has supported the collision repair industry by providing rich product content to PBE distributors and body shops in multiple formats. The service has grown from web based line cards, to live PIES data feeds directly to business systems. It is the perfect non-application product catalog to compliment any automotive sales business.

PBEPRO Helps Suppliers Comply with Standards and Sell More Product

  • The PBEPRO Data Team will accept product data in any format and convert the data to an industry standardized PIES file
  • PBEPRO Suppliers will have their content made available to the PBEPRO Distribution network—over 10,000 jobbers, distributors, and body shops
  • PBEPRO will automatically send full product content files and content updates (new products, product additions, and discontinued items) to any customer of a PBEPRO Supplier, regardless if they are in the PBEPRO Network

Distributors get a centralized source for all paint, body, and equipment product content

  • Product content from all PBEPRO participating brands is made available to distribution
  • PBEPRO will actively seek, acquire, standardize, and update product content on behalf of a PBEPRO distributor
  • PBEPRO will hold a master PIES file in our database and map that file to whatever template a PBEPRO distributor requires

Product Content Leadership

  • PBEPRO actively works with the Auto Care Association to add new part types to the industry standard (PIES) and expand the product content catalog to cover the entire industry
  • Digital assets, product videos, and images are all included in our data set