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With MATCH3 you can automatically reconcile the electronic Purchase Order, Shipping Notice and Invoice. Only address the transactions that fall outside of the tolerances you have set. Electronically upload invoices to your accounts payable system. Save time and increase productivity with MATCH3 from GCommerce .

Match3 Feature Highlights - Automating the 3-way Match Process

The latest version of Match3 is a powerful Cloud-based solution that automates the reconciliation of Purchase Orders with Ship Notices and Invoices - 3-way Match. Features include exceptions reports, analytics of vendor performance and notifications that prevent stock-outs and lost sales. View this short video for more of the Match3 features.

Match3 from GCommerce is a web portal that allows any company to enjoy the benefits and efficiencies of EDI regardless of the limitations of your ERP system.  Match3 eliminates the labor and paper intensive steps by automating the manual procedures associated with the Accounts Payable Reconciliation Process. 

Match3 eliminates the wasteful process of manually reviewing and comparing the paper purchase order, packing slip and invoice, line by line to make sure that part number, quantity and price all match before approving the invoice for payment. This is commonly known as the “3 Way Match Process”.  Because Match3 has received the electronic PO, Advance Ship Notice and Invoice through EDI, it will automate that line-by-line matching process for you.  Match3 allows you to focus only on the exceptional conditions that need your attention. 

Match3 improves productivity, accuracy, control and efficiency of the accounts payable process and allows you to redirect those resources to more productive and value added work.  

Benefits of Match3™

  • Send an Electronic Purchase Order directly from your system OR upload the PO into Match3™
  • At a glance, see which orders have or have not been acknowledged/received by your suppliers 
  • View what is being shipped and when it is scheduled to arrive
  • View all electronic PO's, Ship Notices and Invoices in one location
  • Invoices are viewable and printable in a single format, regardless of the supplier

The functionality of Match3™ enables your business to become more efficient and save money in Purchasing, Customer Service, Receiving, and Accounts Payable.

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