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Marketplace Selling

Selling to and through Marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others is a $31 billion opportunity

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Marketplaces are projected to represent more than half of aftermarket online sales in 2020. $17 billion of the $31 billion total online sales will be on channels such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Google Express. Listing your product on these channels will expose your brand to millions of shoppers who are already there. It would take a huge online advertising budget and a long time to draw those same shoppers to your branded Web site. This makes online marketplace selling an important new pillar of your business.

The added sales made in the marketplace channels will help turn SKU's in the long tail of the demand curve and contribute to increased sales to your other channels because you'll justify carrying more SKU's in stock.



Whether you are a Brand Owner / Supplier; a Fulfillment Distributor or an eCommerce Retailer there is a model to capture additional sales in the major marketplaces.

Digital commerce is the fastest growing channel of sales in the aftermarket. And whether you choose to sell through leading marketplaces or fulfill for popular dot com retailers, you need to understand how to get started technically and how to succeed financially. GCommerce has solutions that can address your need for supply chain visibility - because in eCommerce the more products you show, the more you will sell. Automation and systems integrations are also critical to keeping costs low and enabling your digital business to scale and grow.

With an eCommerce sales channel, distributors can "test drive" new product introductions before committing them to inventory. And the increased sales velocity of all products will justify stocking additional SKUs that will sell to other channels such as Jobbers, Shops and Fleets. eCommerce is a Gateway to stocking for distributors and can smooth out the bumps in otherwise volatile conditions.

GCommerce connects customers to Amazon and Walmart with proven and scalable API and EDI connectivity


Brand Owners are seeing tremendous growth in online commerce, and are asking "Are we getting our share of the pie" and "how can we best manage our brand online". GCommerce has the connections and the experience with leading marketplace sellers to help guide brand owners through their strategic decisions.

Our latest video poses the questions you are likely thinking about and suggests possible alternatives.