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Business Analytics

Business Analytics: Turn information into insights

Analyze Commerce Transactions at the line item level Expand/Colapse

Business Analytics from GCommerce converts vast numbers of inquiries, orders, shipments and invoices into business data that can be mined for insights about purchasing patterns and vendor performance

Business Analytics

Turn Information into Intelligence

  • Drop Ship / Special Orders and replenishment stock orders that are exchanged across the GCommerce network are matched with the return documents (acknowledgements, Ship Notices and Invoices).
  • The Management Dashboard allows users to drill down by date range or vendor or warehouse location
  • Results are rendered as data tables or in graphical format
  • Data results can be exported for further analysis with off-line business tools

Analyze Your Business Anywhere

  • Business Analytics from GCommerce takes the demands of matching and compiling the database off-premise to the Microsoft Azure Cloud for access from anywhere
  • Procurement data is based on the time/date stamps of the original EDI documents, not when the messages are received or processed