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AutosoEZ is the eCommerce Web platform that "knows" auto parts

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Optimized for Auto Parts Expand/Colapse

The AutosoEZ e-commerce web platform was built around the Auto Care Association’s ACES and PIES standards from the ground up. AutosoEZ can ingest ACES and PIES XML files natively - no additional development required. Enhancing and customizing the data once it is in AutosoEZ is as simple as editing a spreadsheet. No costly development and no complex data tools. AutosoEZ is automotive, right out of the box

ACES & PIES Right Out of the Box

  • AutosoEZ is the only eCommerce web store that can upload industry standard data files (ACES and PIES) and create thousands of product pages in minutes
  • Image data is extracted from the PIES file and automatically mapped to the images on our FTP server
  • Custom application uploads are available for incomplete ACES files, or parts that don’t fit the traditional Year/Make/Model template

Checks Against the Auto Care Association Databases

  • AutosoEZ automatically checks your products against the VCdb, Qdb, PCdb, Brand Table, and PAdb.
  • Automated categorization against your custom category tree
  • Reporting functionality to ensure your parts are complete and compliant

Easy Product Content Enhancements

  • Import XML, edit in familiar spreadsheet tools
  • Product catalog sorting allows product targeting based on any brand or attribute, giving your content managers scalpel-like precision in editing and customizing your catalog
  • Download product content in mass to edit and enhance offline. Simple upload processes enable you to have complete catalog control anywhere

Automated Fulfillment Expand/Colapse

AutosoEZ makes use of the vast GCommerce messaging network of trading partners to automate the fulfillment of ecommerce orders and shipping confirmation information

Hands-off Fulfillment

  • AutosoEZ automatically searches your vendors in the order you prescribe to locate inventory and place the order electronically
  • Order acknowledgement and ship notifications are returned to your web site and e-mailed to the customer who placed the order

Infinite Aisles

  • List your products alongside thousands of others by integrating dropship vendors. Customers expect infinite visibility to your supply chain and AutosoEZ automatically chooses the most cost effective source
  • Orders captured by your web store can be routed to your own warehouse or one or more fulfillment partners until the needed inventory is located

SEO Optimized Expand/Colapse

Search engines are looking for unique and original content on web sites. AutosoEZ provides ways to edit and enrich your web content in mass using familiar office tools offline. Unique content will help your site stand out from the heard and reduce the need to advertise or pay for clicks

Differentiate Your Products

  • AutosoEZ includes a "Grouped Product" feature that provides an additional level of description beyond the Manufacturer, Brand and Part Type
  • Adding market copy for a Series of similar products increases the likelihood of matching search terms and being found online
  • Google Search punishes similar content. Unique descriptions can move you to the top of the search rankings

Completeness Alerts

  • AutosoEZ automatically searches your web store database for conditions that are harmful or could cost sales, such as missing images or parts with no assigned vendor
  • Customers won’t buy what they cannot see and search engines won’t promote incomplete product pages

Integrated with Google

  • Three different layers of additional description are crawled and indexed by Google to help organic search results
  • Categorization descriptions allow potentially hundreds of venues to answer your customers specific search queries
  • Google product feed is integrated with the site ensuring your products and brand are in front of customers