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Introducing AutoSoEZ for Automotive e-Commerce

AutoSoEZ is the one e-commerce platform that does it all with ACES and PIES content modules built in and SEO management tools so your content stands out from the crowd.

Discover the features that set AutoSoEZ apart from other e-commerce platforms. AutoSoEZ knows auto parts and puts you in control of your web store for maximum sales and profits.

Selling auto parts online? AutoSoEZ’s  e-commerce platform is designed specifically for the auto parts industry

Designed and engineered for all segments of the auto parts industry - including replacement, performance and accessories segments of the auto parts industry

Offering the best experience for you and your Customers - SEO capabilities, automated fulfillment, drop ship ready (multiple vendors) and streamlined customer service. The AutoSoEZ platform has got you covered with a user-friendly website and feature-packed management tools

aces_pies_small ACES and PIES compatible tools 

AutoSoEZ’s platform is designed to easily upload industry standard data format such as ACES and PIES files in a flash with minimal cataloging work. Vehicle fitment, fit notes, product attributes can all be directly imported into the system.

purple_cow_smallStand Out From The Herd

True SEO (Search Engine Optimization) begins by owning your own catalog instead of sharing one with your competitors. With AutoSoEZ’s tools, you can quickly bulk upload your own content, product description, features, images and see customer loyalty and return visits rise. The flexible AutoSoEZ platform will set your website apart from the competition, with outstanding search engine results.

virtual_fulfillment   Multiple Warehouse Fulfillment

Don’t have your own warehouse or need to access more inventories through virtual fulfillment partners? We’ve got you covered with many of our fulfillment partners that specialize in replacement, performance, and accessory parts. Our distribution partners are located throughout the country with millions of inventory in stock at any single moment to help you serve up a huge catalog to your customers.

automated_fulfillment  Automated Ordering System

AutoSoEZ’s ultimate order automation system sends out orders via APIs to the virtual fulfillment partners you have signed up with. That means orders are placed, confirmed, and tracked by the system without the need of any human involvement. Tracking numbers are also obtained through the APIs to be sent to the customers for order updates. This state-of-the-art and exclusive feature will save you tons of man-hours, reducing human errors, increasing accuracy and responsiveness for order tracking hence increasing customer satisfaction.

seo_small  Search Engine Optimized

To help you get the traffic you need, the AutoSoEZ platform is search engine optimized to allow for consumers easily find their way to your store, helping you connect to millions of potential customers.

Good SEO begins with your custom catalog that you can easily import with AutoSoEZ. No longer will you be just competing on price and lines, but on creating a truly unique shopping experience.

batch_edit   Fast and Easy Data Editing

When it comes to managing hundreds of thousands of parts, we understand the challenges and needs of the auto parts industry. With the AutoSoEZ Platform, your product managers can prepare bulk data changes to any brand and upload them. Hundreds of thousands of prices, vendor priorities or any other data can be modified all in one swift update.

Best of all, once you download the data onto your local hard drive, the data is stored in a format accessible by the familiar spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. The data is then ready for modification using any spreadsheet formulas you wish to run. AutoSoEZ’s platform is designed to put the power into your hands, so you can own the data and make it unique with minimal effort. The platform everyone has been longing for has finally arrived.

sku_dashboard  Efficient Tools with P&L Analysis Built-in

We have constructed one of the most powerful dashboards by gathering feedback and requirements from veteran product managers with over 30 years in experience.

Ask for a demo to see how the AutoSoEZ product management tool combines prices, costs, shipping costs and other key information in simple views.  Product managers can change pricing, product descriptions and vendor priories all on the fly.  View margins, P&L and critical information with a glance.  It is undeniably, the most efficient way to fine-tune your inventory for continuous growth.

customer_segmentation   Customer Segmentation

With just one website, you can segment different levels of customers to experience different shopping experiences. Whether it is jobbers, regular consumers, or VIP customers, you can segment them and feed customized content and pricing/discounts catered to them.

Dynamically target them with different content and promotions. Allow for that rich merchandising experience to reach into the mindset of the shoppers and see conversion rates rise.

The e-commerce platform you have been waiting for is here as part of the GCommerce suite of business solutions and services.

Whether its B2C, B2C or both - Online Commerce is the fastest growing sales channel in the industry. Isn't it time you looked at an e-commerce platform built for the parts business? Isn't it time you looked at AutoSoEZ?

Schedule a demonstration and find out how EZ it is to grow your business online

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