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EDI (IDE) in the Cloud

Internet Data Exchange (IDE) is a Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS) that uses web-based technology to streamline the transaction process. There is no software to purchase, install or maintain. IDE enables you and your trading partners to exchange documents electronically, regardless of the business system or document format in use. Information is exchanged via the internet, so there are no per transaction or kilocharacter charges. Documents are received from one trading partner, translated on the fly into the format of the receiver, and sent to the other trading partner for receipt directly into their system.
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Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC)

The VIC solution is designed to address a complex issue within the wholesale distribution supply chain: Manufacturer Drop Ship Special Orders. VIC is built on the Microsoft Windows Azure and SQL Azure platforms and supports Internet Parts Ordering (IPO) protocol standards.
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In Traditional EDI, each trading relationship is setup on a one-to-one basis. Different trading partners have different data requirements and specifications, which requires the support of multiple maps and data definitions for each trading partner. In other words, there is a unique map for each Buyer/Seller relationship, and the work starts over with each new trading partner connection.
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Web Gateway

Web Gateway is a simple and flexible solution which allows you to comply with the electronic document exchange requirements of your customer at low cost. Web Gateway enables your company to be EDI capable with nothing more than internet access.
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