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Cybersecurity Webinar Updates


Are Your Cybersecurity Practices Up to the Challenge?

Cybersecurity Best Practices in Prevention and Recovery

Strengthening your IT defenses and preparing for disaster recovery are essential to the viability of your enterprise.     Ben Hall is an Information Security Consultant with Pratum and a Certified Information Ben-Hall-Web_Pratum_20190328Systems Auditor (CISA) with 12 years of Information Security and Information Technology Experience. Ben will present the latest dangers and threats to your computing environments and the best practices to protect against malware, ransomware and other intrusions, as well as latest techniques in recovery and continuity. Ben will be joined by panelists:
Jesse Bociek, CISO, DRiV; David Nagel, CISO, Genuine Parts Company

Cybersecurity Best Practices in Prevention and Recovery, April 21 at 2:00 pm Eastern – Click Here

Threats are probing your computer infrastructure constantly. Keep up with the latest information about:

  • Cybersecurity Dangers and Threats
  • Best Practices for Depth of Defense
  • Recovery of Operations and Continuity
  • The Dangers of staff working from home

Presented Tuesday, April 21, 2:00 pm EST by GCommerce, Inc



Cybersecurity Response Update - March 24

(25 minutes)

Steven Smith (CEO) and Jason Popillion (CTO) report on the multiple layers of security and three phases of recovery put in place at GCommerce. This information is shared to inform GCommerce customers and educate all stakeholders about the measures available to increase security and resilience against cyber threats


Cybersecurity Incident - Customer Update - February 25

(24 minutes)

Steve Smith (CEO) and Jason Popillion (CTO) report on what happened on Jan 27 and what steps GCommerce has taken since.


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