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Match3 Feature Highlights - Automating the 3-way Match Process

The latest version of Match3 is a powerful Cloud-based solution that automates the reconciliation of Purchase Orders with Ship Notices and Invoices - 3-way Match. Features include exceptions reports, analytics of vendor performance and notifications that prevent stock-outs and lost sales. View this short video for more of the Match3 features.


Automating the 3-way Match Process

Match3 from GCommerce simplifies the tedious task of reconciling procurement documents, including Purchase Orders, Shipping Notifications and Invoices. View this short video to learn more.



Match3 - Complete Product Overview

Match3 is a powerful new product from GCommerce that reduces the time and effort required to reconcile and manage Purchase Orders, Shipping Notifications and Invoices. Learn how the features of Match3 simplify the procurement reconciliation process.



Match3 Administration Set-up Demonstration

Discover all of the features of Match3 in the set-up of Vendors, Users and administrative settings and permissions



VIC Product Demonstration

The Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) allows distributors to see factory availability of inventory from their suppliers and place drop ship / special orders in seconds. VIC quotes availability, pricing and freight costs uniquely for you and your supplier. Watch a short VIC demonstration to learn more



Procurement Automation in the Cloud

When you automate the exchange of procurement and transaction documents you will supercharge your business and free-up valuable resources. Watch this video to learn how quickly and cost-effectively GCommerce can automate your document exchange.



GCommerce Web Gateway Demonstration

Web Gateway is a simple and flexible solution which allows you to comply with the electronic document exchange requirements of your customer at low cost. Web Gateway enables your company to be EDI capable with nothing more than Internet access. Watch this video to learn more about the full capabilities of Web Gateway.



The Benefits of Internet Document Exchange to Suppliers

Suppliers work on razor thin margins and must eliminate waste at every opportunity. Electronically exchanging purchase orders and return documents like ship notifications and invoices with your distributors helps make even the smallest account more profitable. Learn how the B2B commerce solutions from GCommerce benefits suppliers.



Why Standards Matter and Contribute to Increased Sales and Profit

Scott Luckett, GCommerce Vice President, Industry Strategy, was recently invited to speak at a meeting of The AAM Group ( Drawing from almost 20 years of leadership in developing and administering technical standards and best practices, Luckett presented a discussion of how industry data standards contributed to increased sales, reduced returns and increased profit in the supply chain.


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