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EDI Super Spec

In traditional EDI, each trading relationship is setup on a one-to-one basis. Different trading partners have different data requirements and specifications, which requires the support of multiple maps and data definitions for each trading partner. In other words, there is a unique map for each Buyer/Seller relationship, and the work starts over with each new trading partner connection.

The Super Spec® combines the requirements of multiple trading partners into one specification, and creates standardized data definitions within the data fields. With full implementation of the Super Spec, a company can do the setup work once, and re-use the map for all of their aftermarket trading partners.

The Super Spec® reduces time to go live with document exchange and greatly reduces the cost required to set up an electronic connection.

The Super Spec® was developed, maintained, and contributed by GCommerce, Inc., and is overseen by a committee of the Auto Care Association. The Super Spec® is an open specification available to any party at no cost.

For more information and complete documentation visit the Auto Care Association Web site

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