How Do You Sell Auto Parts on Walmart Marketplace?

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Walmart Marketplace and the Automotive Aftermarket: A Winning Combination

Walmart is a powerhouse in the retail market. Finding someone that’s never heard of Walmart, especially in the U.S., would be a difficult task, to say the least. Aftermarket auto parts is very much a growth industry and online auto parts stores are booming. In fact, we estimate that the aftermarket auto parts marketplaces will exceed $38 billion in revenue in 2022. Now if you could leverage the popularity of Walmart as well as the current growth of the aftermarket to sell your auto parts online, imagine the potential upside for your business. Learning how to sell auto parts on Walmart Marketplace is your first step.

In this blog, we will explain the advantages of selling auto parts on Walmart Marketplace and how it all works. We will be answering the below questions.

Why is Walmart an Important Retailer?

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with 140 million unique visitors every week, to the 4,000+ store locations in the US. 90% of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store. 19% of all spending was online in 2021. Their website is regarded as the front door to their stores and in the fiscal year, 2021 Walmart enjoyed 79% eCommerce growth.

What is Walmart Marketplace? What Does Walmart Market Place Do?

Walmart Marketplace is a live online inventory and ordering platform that puts millions of products and SKUs at the fingertips of 258.3 million adults in the US. It allows Walmart and independent online retailers to easily sell automotive products and other goods to their customers. provides the convenience and time-savings of letting customers choose how and where to shop – in the store, online for pick-up at the store, or free delivery to their front door within 2 days.

Half of the sales are sold by Walmart either from Walmart inventory or drop-shipped by direct suppliers. The other half of sales are sold by third-party resellers on the Walmart marketplace. This allows Walmart to offer the fastest moving products from their owned inventory, mid-velocity items online from Inventory or Drop Ship vendors, and the long tail SKU are sold online by 3P fulfillment partners. Products sold and filled by Walmart are first-party or 1P fulfillment. When products are sold on Marketplace but shipped by a reseller it’s called third party or 3P fulfillment.

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How do you sell auto parts on Walmart Marketplace? Are there qualifications you must meet?

It begins with complete product content that complies with the Walmart specification. Anyone selling auto parts is probably familiar with ACES and PIES as being the automotive standard on auto parts fitment and product details and content.

Walmart accepts ACES fitment catalog data files and requires a form of the PIES standard for product content. As a third-party marketplace seller, the seller is the merchant of record, payment is collected by Walmart and distributed to the seller weekly or biweekly. The seller is responsible for maintaining inventory, setting prices, and providing customer service.

How easy is it to connect to Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart supports both EDI messaging and API connectivity. Both EDI and API are the current gold standard of website connectivity between marketplaces and resellers. The requirements vary depending on 1P stocking, 1P drop ship, or 3P. Walmart carefully screens the qualifications of technology solution providers and maintains a list of approved solutions providers on their website, making it easy for new resellers to find multiple choices to connect to the Walmart Marketplace.

How do they manage inventory and products?

Walmart vendors and fulfillment partners send inventory files throughout the day. Files are limited to a 10,000 SKU max and must be separated by ship_from location. Net changes can be provided thru the day after a full refresh is supplied. Inventory data is typically sent via an EDI 846 file. The schedule of inventory updates varies by supplier and product category.

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What does Walmart charge? How do you collect payments?

When selling on Walmart Marketplace sellers pay no fees to list their products. A referral fee ranging between 8% and 15% based on the product category is assessed when a sale is made. Credit card bank fees are included in the referral fee. Referral fees are deducted from bi-weekly third-party payments. The Walmart Marketplace does provide an intuitive reporting system that allows you to break out your sales and fees by different date ranges and other value-added metrics.

How do the products get shipped? Who pays shipping charges?

Walmart aims to deliver 80% of orders in 2-days without expedited service. In the case of drop-ship fulfillment and third-party or 3P sales, the shipping charges are paid by Walmart.

How can GCommerce help?

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It is important to have a certified third-party partner who can help navigate the complexities. GCommerce is the only approved Walmart Marketplace service provider that specializes in the automotive aftermarket and we have API and EDI connectivity in production. This will help expedite the setup process because our connections methods are already configured.

We also offer a network of automotive eCommerce fulfillment partners. GCommerce is the subject matter expert for all things eCommerce and operates the industry’s largest network of automotive trading partners, making us your one-stop shop for auto parts marketplace connectivity.

As the leader in aftermarket auto parts order management solutions, we understand how important full visibility is across the entire supply chain for you and your potential clients. Right now, supply chain issues are seriously affecting hundreds of thousands of auto part retailers, distributors, and manufacturers worldwide. With full supply chain visibility, you can see and maintain product availability and inventory levels across all points of that chain. This way if a part is available you will be able to find it for your client. If it isn’t available, you can say with confidence that it isn’t. GCommerce provides so much more than Walmart Marketplace connectivity. We help you connect your clients with the auto parts they need.