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AAM Group Selects GCommerce for EDI

April 11, 2017 02:10 PM

The members of the Automotive Accessories Marketing Group, known as the AAM Group™, have chosen to implement EDI with their suppliers and selected GCommerce to handle all of the connectivity between AAM members and their suppliers.

In announcing the program, AAM Group™ President Tim Odom said, “The rising dominance of ecommerce makes electronic document exchange (EDI) an important component of our digital strategy, one that will save time and money for both our member WDs and manufacturing suppliers.” Odom went on to add that “Reducing communication friction between members and vendors will also increase sales; therefore, we’re including EDI participation in the AAM supplier score card.”

The AAM Group™ is the leading program distribution group and specialty marketing firm in the specialty equipment and truck accessory aftermarket. AAM contributes to the growth of their members and vendors with a comprehensive suite of digital tools including B2B purchasing solutions, digital cataloging, data coaching, website development and mobile apps.

GCommerce is a leading provider of cost-effective, cloud-based technology solutions to the vehicle aftermarket. “GCommerce is honored to have been chosen by the AAM Group to provide electronic connectivity between the members and their vendor partners”, said Scott Luckett, GCommerce VP of Industry Strategy. “The members of the AAM Group are among the finest distributors in the specialty aftermarket. And, their commitment to group-wide EDI connectivity is further evidence of their drive for success”.

In support of the program GCommerce will communicate with the suppliers to the AAM Group beginning immediately and facilitate onboarding, mapping, testing and implementation of electronic documents, including purchase orders, acknowledgements, shipping notifications and invoices. The unique cloud architecture of GCommerce enables suppliers to the AAM Group to communicate with all of the members, regardless of their technology platform, document formats or IT protocols, through a single integration.

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