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Who We Are


Founded in 2000, is a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) procurement solutions designed to streamline distribution supply chain operations. Our connectivity solutions facilitate real-time exchange of documents within the purchasing cycle between incompatible business systems and technologies, enabling firms to improve revenue, operational efficiencies, and profitability.

Super Spec

In Traditional EDI, each side must have expensive EDI hardware and software and each trading relationship is setup on a one-to-one basis.  Different trading partners have different data requirements and specifications, which requires the support of multiple maps and data definitions for each trading partner.  In other words, there is a unique map for each Buyer/Seller relationship, and the work starts over with each new trading partner connection.  The Super Spec combines the requirements of multiple trading partners into one specification, and creates standardized data definitions within the data fields.  With full implementation of the Super Spec, a company can do the setup work once, and re-use the map for all of their aftermarket trading partners.

IDE Pointing EDI in the Right Direction

Internet Data Exchange (IDE) is more than an exchange of electronic documents.  IDE is a technology process, built upon the Super Spec as a foundation, through which your company can connect to all your trading partners to automate the purchase order to payment cycle.  IDE includes a proven adoption model, real-time technology, technology partners, and international trading community.  In essence, GCommerce becomes an extension of your organization to automate the purchase order to payment cycle with your trading partners.

Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC)

The IDE solution typically addresses the stocking purchase order to invoice cycle, which is the majority of dollars and line items in most supply chains.  Non-Stock/Special orders typically run outside the standard procurement process, as availability between a wholesaler and manufacturer is often determined through manual methods; phone, website, extranet, etc..  While special orders are a smaller portion of the revenue, they do represent a significant contribution to the bottom line, as well as a leading factor in customer retention.  Virtual Inventory Cloud (VIC) transforms the Non-Stock/Special Order process between Wholesalers/Retailers and Manufacturers/Suppliers through a common cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, enabling both new revenue opportunities (by capturing lost sales) and process cost savings (through automation) for all parties within the Wholesale Distribution Supply Chain.